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Frequently asked

What is online visual merchandising?

This is an online store tool designed to make catalog management as easy as possible and improve product listing through a smart sorting feature.

On the one hand, merchandisers, marketers, and other e-commerce experts spend less time customizing a catalog so that its products are in the best-selling positions.

On the other hand, consumers are more willing to make a purchase. After all, the top items of your store catch their eye in the very first minutes.

As a result, the buying probability increases, and with less effort on the part of the eCommerce specialists.

What is digital merchandising?

This is a more general concept than the above-explained one. While online visual merchandising is a tool for websites (online stores), the digital merchandising feature can come in different forms (say, a program installed on a PC).

Why is online visual merchandising crucial?

Visual merchandising in one form or another existed at all times, even when the concept itself hadn’t yet been invented: in the end, store owners always wanted to arrange their products in such a way as to increase their sales. However, with the advent of Internet technologies, the role of merchandisers has grown a hundredfold.

And as the world goes online, eCommerce businesses face new challenges: a huge amount of data to process, a higher level of competition, demanding customers, and much more. And under such conditions, the use of online visual merchandising is one of the ways to increase the efficiency of the eCommerce experts, which results in better profitability of the online store.

What are the benefits of online visual merchandising?
  • Better consumer experience. According to statistics, online visual merchandising feature improves consumer experience: you can see a 20-30% increase in conversions.
  • Improving the work of merchandisers. Research shows that e-commerce experts spend 70-80% less time on their work tasks when integrating online visual merchandising tools into their processes.
  • Simplified catalog management. You can arrange products the way you want with just a few clicks thanks to the Drag-and-drop feature.
  • Smart rules. You can configure special rules as you like to manage your online store catalog in an even simpler way.
  • Greater store profitability. All of the above results in increased online sales.