Sortler for Shopify
Sortler for Shopify

Visual Merchandising for Shopify: Data-Driven Visual Category Sorting

Maximize your Shopify store's potential by leveraging the flexible sorting smart rules

Fast & Easy Optimization of Product Listings

Streamline Your Catalog Sorting and Skyrocket Sales of Your Shopify Online Store

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Sortler for Shopify

Sortler. User-friendly Cloud-based Tool for Shopify Merchandisers and eCommerce Experts

Take full advantage of smart merchandising. Increase your sales with ease

Manage Your Catalog the Drag&Drop Feature

Set scores for products to manage their position on the page, displaying SKUs with higher numbers above others in your Shopify catalog.
Or use the drag&drop feature and move items around the page manually.
Sortler for Shopify, Manage Your Catalog the Drag&Drop Feature

User Smart Rules to Add Variety

Diversify products’ display on catalog pages of your Shopify store:
  • Ensure there are no items of the same color, style, or type close to each other.
  • Show or hide certain products or groups of products on the category page.
Sortler for Shopify, User Smart Rules to Add Variety

Create Basic Sorting Rules for Categories

Implement bulk sorting of items on the chosen category page and combine various sorting rules as you wish:
  • Bestseller
  • Price
  • Most reviewable
  • Newest
  • Custom Attribute
Sortler for Shopify

Manage Underselling Products

Sortler provides you with access to flexible features for smart management of low-selling items:
Sortler for Shopify

Work with Running-out Products

Determine the percentage of low-stock items to present on the webpage of your  Shopify store and move the out-of-stock products down the catalog.
Sortler for Shopify, Work with Running-out Products

Add Dynamic Product Blocks to the Desired Page

Integrate dynamic product blocks to any section of your Shopify store. Showcase these blocks on your shopping cart page, payment checkout, CMS, blog page, or any other location of your liking.
Utilize the "Buy" button feature in any desired area.
Sortler for Shopify


Sortler supports all popular eCommerce solutions, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce.

Simplified merchandising

Your employees, work faster and the less time they spend on online visual merchandising tasks.

No Coding Required

Everything is designed in such a way as to put the smart sorting system into operation without delay.

Built-in emulator

Sortler supports all popular eCommerce solutions, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce.

Backup feature

Our visual product sorting tool has a backup feature to undo the changes made. So you actually risk nothing.

Round-the-clock support

Being in touch 24/7, we're ready to answer your questions in real-time, whenever you need.

Ready to level up your store management?

Sortler for Shopify
NO Coding needed, Plug-&-Play.
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What is a smart catalog management solution?

The answer lies in the question itself: we're talking about a solution that helps you intuitively and easily work with an online catalog, which, as you know, is the basis for any Shopify-powered store. It is for this purpose that we developed Sortler. To be precise, Sortler is a special visual product merchandising tool for Shopify online stores that allows you to improve product display, automate a number of routine processes for catalog management, and perform other similar tasks.

What features does your visual Shopify merchandising tool offer?

Sortler has a lot of cool features that can help you with visual merchandising for Shopify stores. Let’s list the main ones:

  • Automation of catalog management processes by assigning rules to Sortler
  • Intuitive management of product display to make your assortment more attractive to customers
  • Upselling opportunities by automatically creating product-matching combinations at a specified percentage
  • Effectively work with low-selling products and inventory to increase conversions
  • Drag and Drop feature for visual product display management

And that’s just a tiny part of what you can do with Sortler for your Shopify visual merchandising needs.

Do you offer any training to help users maximize the benefits of your solution?

Certainly! With our visual product merchandising tool for Shopify online stores, we focus on ensuring you can achieve the best business results. To this end, we're happy to support and advise your company throughout Sortler's integration and subsequent use. So feel free to contact us with any questions regarding Sortler. Our team will go the extra mile to help you solve your problem as quickly as possible.

How does Sortler improve my Shopify store conversions?

Sortler streamlines visual merchandising for Shopify online stores, thereby positively influencing your conversion and sales. Specifically, the increase in conversions is due to the following:

  • The better-displayed range of your products
  • Improving sales of underperforming goods by increasing their visibility and automating the discount system
  • Managing the display of products depending on their availability in stock
  • Creating upselling opportunities by offering complimentary product combinations
  • And more!

The most important thing is that all of the above happens without your participation. You only need to set up the appropriate rules and assign them to Sortler, the rest is its task.

Is there a trial or demo available to test out your smart catalog management solution?

We are 100% confident that Sortler is an excellent choice for working with visual merchandising for Shopify online stores. And we confirm our confidence by providing access to the product’s demo for a period of 14 days. During this time, you can test Sortler and its features to make sure that’s what you need to improve Shopify store conversions and boost sales.