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Revamp your online store's catalog management system with our intuitive drag&drop feature and smart rules. Skyrocket your conversions with ease!

Streamlining Product Listings Within Seconds

Innovate Your Catalog Sorting to Increase Your Sales. Take a few simple steps:

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Sortler is an effective cloud-based tool for merchandisers and eCommerce professionals

Elevate Your E-commerce Game with Enhanced Online Sales Strategies

Manage your catalog with the Drag&Drop feature

Elevate your catalog by assigning scores to products to determine their position on the page. The higher the score, the more prominent the product will be.
Alternatively, use the intuitive drag&drop feature to manually arrange products.

Enhance your catalog variety with smart rules

Ensure a diverse display of products on your catalog pages by creating special rules:
  • Avoid products of identical color, style, or type from appearing on the same page.
  • Highlight or conceal specific items or groups of products on the category page to create a customized and unique browsing experience.

Set basic sorting rules for the desired categories

Use bulk sorting of items on the category pages. Combine various sorting rules as you wish
  • Newest
  • Bestseller
  • Most reviewable
  • Price
  • Custom Attribute

Efficiently handle products with low sales

Sortler offers adaptable options to effectively manage your products with poor sales:

Manage products with low stock

Customize the display of low-stock products on your page by indicating their desired percentage. Unavailable items can be pushed down the catalog to optimize the shopping experience.

Empower your store with dynamic product blocks

Incorporate dynamic product blocks at any desired location of your online store. These blocks can be showcased on your checkout, CMS, blog, and more.
The "Buy button" feature lets customers purchase from anywhere on your site.


Sortler supports all popular eCommerce solutions, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce.

Simplified merchandising

Your employees, work faster and the less time they spend on online visual merchandising tasks.

No Coding Required

Everything is designed in such a way as to put the smart sorting system into operation without delay.

Built-in emulator

Sortler supports all popular eCommerce solutions, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce.

Backup feature

Our visual product sorting tool has a backup feature to undo the changes made. So you actually risk nothing.

Round-the-clock support

Being in touch 24/7, we're ready to answer your questions in real-time, whenever you need.

All eCommerce CMS platforms supported

Magento 2, Shopify, WooCommerce.

Ready to level up your store management?

NO Coding needed, Plug-&-Play.
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