How to Improve Jewelry Conversion Rate for Your Online Store

The best jewelry software
The best jewelry software

Jewelry is expensive, so it’s no surprise that customers are pretty careful when choosing it, especially when it comes to online shopping. That’s why not every online jewelry store operates as efficiently as it could with the right business approach. And one of the main factors badly affecting the jewelry conversion rate is improper online catalog management.

Fortunately, this problem has a solution, and we’re happy to share it with you in our article. We’ll show you how to decrease your bounce rate with simple eCommerce visual merchandising techniques. All you need to do is just follow our tips listed below.

Tips for Improving Online Sales Conversions

The owner of a thriving jewelry software understands that since users cannot touch the product when buying online, they want an equivalent substitute for a tactile experience. So your primary task is to ensure that the consumer faces no inconvenience caused by the inability to try on the ring or earrings. 

And it would be best if you started with the online catalog. Otherwise, the consumer won’t click on the desired jewelry item to go to the product page with its detailed description.

High-quality Jewelry Visualization

Of course, a quality product image is always important, but with jewelry, this factor becomes really crucial. In the end, jewelry is full of different details, and the buyer should be able to examine them all before making a purchase and shelling out a lot of money for it.And remember, the peculiarity of jewelry visualization is that each product element must be explorable, which means being in focus. Surely, it’s more about the product page, but an online catalog would benefit from focusing on jewelry, too, and help you decrease the bounce rate of online shopping.

Jewelry Conversion Rate

One more thing: there is nothing wrong with enhancing the jewelry image but within reason. Don’t sugarcoat reality by embellishing photos too much, even if you want to attract buyers and improve the jewelry conversion rate, for this will damage your reputation in the long run.

Using Models to Show Jewelry

Another type of photo content increasing online store conversions is the use of models to showcase jewelry. This approach helps customers evaluate the product in a better way and understand whether it will fit them or not.

 eCommerce visual merchandising

Minimalism as Your Style Guide

One more online store visual merchandising rule applied to jewelry has to do with minimalism. In this case, efficient design should be inconspicuous, discreet, and unobtrusive. Otherwise, you risk making your exquisite product less interesting and diverting attention from it. After all, jewelry is beautiful in itself; there is no point in additional ways to decorate it.

That’s why an online jewelry store and its catalog should use at most 2-3 subtle nature colors emphasizing the product’s elegance. Such a design looks chic, expensive, and stylish. And by the way, minimalistic design is much more complicated to implement and requires a lot of experience and skills from the UI/UX expert.

The Correct Structure of the Online Jewelry Catalog

Creating a logical structure for your online catalog is also essential, especially if you offer a wide range of jewelry. The main task is to help the consumer find the right product with a minimum of clicks. If shoppers need to put in a lot of effort to get what they want, they’ll leave your jewelry online store without buying anything, while your goal is to reduce your bounce rate.

A proper catalog structure includes many elements, such as thoughtful product placement, sorting, and advanced search with the ability to add various filters.

Jewelry Size Does Matter

Let’s talk more about filters to improve the search for the desired jewelry. In addition to standard filters by type of material, stone, and color, there is another crucial parameter, namely the size of the jewelry, whether it be a bracelet or a ring. Moreover, a good online catalog allows the consumer to filter products and see only those available in the required size.

Jewellery Sets

You can improve online sales conversions by placing jewelry sets in prominent places in the catalog. It’s easy enough, as jewelry designers often release collections in the same style. Undoubtedly, a set of a ring, earrings, and a bracelet (or pendant) will catch the customer’s eye and may encourage them to buy it.

Another promising idea is to offer related jewelry items at a discount, increasing the average bill even more. And this logically leads us to the next point, which is… 

Marketing Tricks

Why not use some marketing tricks for online catalog management? Say, how about moving new or poorly selling jewelry items to the top of the listing so that consumers immediately notice them? Also, you can place discounted jewelry in a more visible place in the online catalog (and don’t forget to add a special icon indicating this product is now cheaper).

If you follow our fairly simple tips, your jewelry conversion rate will definitely increase. But here comes another issue: how to make online catalog management as efficient and less time-consuming as possible? We recommend using innovative eCommerce visual merchandising tools, a good example of which is Sortler.

eCommerce Visual Merchandising for Jewelry Store

Sortler is a smart solution for eCommerce businesses. The main objective of Sortler is to save you time and money when managing your catalog and ensure it helps to attract more customers while reducing the bounce rate of the online store. By taking advantage of this tool, you can control low-selling or new products by moving them higher in the listing, better prioritize category items, show jewelry brands the way you want, and so on. You can read more about Sortler and its features here.

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